R22 Phase Out & Your Air Conditioning

The deadline for R22 phase out is fast approaching and time is limited for upgrading or replacing older air conditioning systems.

Maintenance of older air conditioning systems that contain R22 refrigerant will be impacted when the R22 phase out concludes at the end of 2014. The law prohibits the use of R22 in the maintenance and repair of air conditioning after this date because it is harmful to the ozone layer.

R22 refrigerant is needed to complete most repairs and servicing of air conditioning systems using the refrigerant, making maintenance problematic after this date.

Early planning will help you to save time and money. To help you achieve the greatest possible savings we have prepared a common sense guide for business owners to help you:

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The guide is free regardless of the size of your business or air conditioning system, simply fill in your details on the right and a member of our team will send your free copy to you by email.